Our courses for adults aim to improve your spoken language in a stimulating way.

You will use the language right from the start, even if you are a beginner.

What we offer

One-to-one options to suit your requests

One-to-one courses

This is a bit like a flexible gym membership. It is particularly aimed at those with a very busy schedule who are unable to attend a group course on set days.

Having completed a placement test and a survey to identify your linguistic needs, we decide on the course content together.

Maximum flexibility regarding days, times, duration and frequency.

One-to-one lessons with specific aims

Do you have a job interview in a foreign language and want to be well prepared? Are you making an important presentation abroad? Do you want to freshen up your language skills before a holiday to avoid nasty surprises?

This is the option for you, even if you only require a one-off lesson.


Do you already speak the language, but want to keep your skills up to date? Try our conversation meetings, via Skype or in the classroom. You can choose the conversation topics or just leave it up to the teacher.


Course options for groups

Courses for groups of friends

Organise your own group (or come as a couple!) and contact us to begin the course wherever and whenever you want!

You choose the programme and timetable to get the ideal course!

Courses for families

Learning a foreign language as a family can be a great way for parents to spend quality time with their children.

Courses for parents and children

The course is aimed at children, but accommodates parents who want to be present. This allows parents to support their children with their language learning when they get home.


Courses for adults
Courses for adults

English course abroad for adults

Did you miss the chance to study abroad when you were young and now dread the prospect of finding yourself in a classroom full of teenagers? We have two options for you. Find out what they are by visiting the page English courses abroad.


German course in Germany

Find out about what the two institutes we selected have to offer you. Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt or Bamberg: the choice is yours. Check out the relevant page to find out more.

Click here to read about the features and advantages of our courses for adults.


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