Personalised in-company courses

Our aim is to put together a course that suits the client’s needs. Contact us: +39 0543 23916 – 0544 202061 –

Step 1: it is essential that we meet with the client during the preparatory phase in order to understand their objectives

Step 2: the participants will be assessed to evaluate their starting level

Step 3: the client will be sent a training proposal that takes into consideration their level and their objectives

Check out our in-company courses or look at the features and advantages.

One-to-one courses

Our one-to-one courses fit like a glove because every client is unique.

The main advantage of this type of course is its flexibility: the time and dates are agreed upon with the participant. The topics can be chosen beforehand or selected as you go along.

The teacher will concentrate on specific needs and adapt to the student’s learning pace.

Group courses

Groups are made up of 2 to 6 people. The ideal scenario is a group of students at the same level. The programme will be chosen together with the company according to the specific language required, whether commercial or technical, economic or legal.

Intensive courses

These are full-immersion courses designed for specific purposes: public speaking, participation in international exhibitions/fairs, preparation for business negotiations, greater efficiency in a Customer Service department and much more.

They can be arranged on a one-to-one basis or for small groups.


These meetings are aimed at those who already have some knowledge of the language and want to practice it. They are useful for improving fluency and pronunciation and, in general, honing your speaking skills.

They can also be conducted via Skype.

Courses abroad

We have partnered with highly professional institutes in both England and Germany. There are various formats available: one-to-one courses, group courses or a format that combines small group activities with one-to-one meetings for further development. Read more.

Features of our courses:

  • one-to-one or group courses
  • possibility of funded courses
  • mutually agreed number of hours
  • flexible timetable
  • mid-course and final tests
  • experienced teachers
  • final report
  • certificate of attendance
  • tutoring programme
  • pre-course support
  • post-course follow-up


NEW>Pre-course support

Each participant will receive personalised material based on any difficulties that emerge from their test results, so they can come prepared at the start of the course.

For example:

  • we can suggest audio material to help with pronunciation
  • we can send you grammar revision cards
  • we can suggest resources to improve your listening

NEW >Post-course follow-up

At the end of each course, the teacher might assign project work.

This gives the participants the opportunity to remain “tuned in” to the language and produce material that is useful for their company.

The project is designed with a contact from the company. For example, you could create a phrase-book to be used at reception or technical assistance tasks; you might create email formats, put together glossaries of sector-specific terminology and so on.

Alternatively you might choose to work on a project that is unrelated to your workplace.

The student will confront a range of challenges.

The follow-up consists of two classroom meetings with the teacher: one to monitor their progress and the other to assess the final outcome.

The company maintains rights to the material produced.

corsi per aziende
In-company courses

The advantages of our in-company courses

All decisions can be modified and adapted throughout the course.

We tailor the course to your company’s specific requirements, with the possibility of creating glossaries or phrase books according to the sector and/or department.

The tutor will listen to your requests and monitor the progress of the course.

If you need to change a lesson or you want to add a participant, contact the tutor.

If a participant is frequently absent or the teacher has noticed a problem in the class, they will let you know.

You can suspend and “freeze” the course at any point if holidays, heavy work-loads, holiday absences or work-related travel should call for it. We will put everything on hold.

If you want us to include your own materials, these can be used alongside the text book. Company presentations, manuals and emails can be used in the classroom for the lesson. This allows you to put the language into practise in real work situations.

We will consult on whether you want to do the lessons once a month or five times a week, you decide freely. There is no fixed formula because the course must suit your participants’ requirements.

What about length? A Skype lesson can last 45 minutes, while you might schedule 8 hours a day for an intensive course.

At the end of the course you will receive a report detailing the participant’s attendance, the programme and the learning outcomes.

Funded courses

Italian companies adhering to the Inter-professional joint funds for life-long learning can finance the training through this source.

Thanks to our collaboration with accredited training corporations, we can support you in requesting funds and then in activating the courses… with no charge to your company!