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We organise different types of language courses.

They all share these strengths:


The languages

We run language courses for Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.

Choose the right course for you!

In-company courses

Courses for private students

Language courses abroad

The method

We favour a practical and communicative approach. We engage with all aspects of communication, focusing particularly on listening and speaking.

Reading and writing are developed during independent learning time, with the help of our teaching staff.

We work with small groups of students at the same level. This ensures everyone gets equally involved. Even beginners are immediately encouraged to put the language to active use.

The preparation

Preparation involves both Action line and the students.

Before the course starts we perform a survey to find out the student’s needs and a placement test to assess the student’s level. This process is completed with an oral interview.

All this information allows us to propose a suitable course.

All students can prepare for the start of their language course, and make optimum use of their time, by doing the revision activities we suggest based on any needs that arise in the written test and  oral interview.

To find out more, read the article: How to be ready for your class! (in Italian)

The teachers

Each teacher has his/her own specialisation but they all share a passion for teaching.

They guide, advise and encourage you throughout the course.

Teaching is closely monitored using anonymous questionnaires completed by course participants during, and at the end, of the language course.

Indipendent learning

We believe that motivated students are also capable of working well independently.

We will suggest a range of useful resources, in accordance with each student’s taste.

Do you like music or do you prefer films? Are you an avid reader or crazy on sport? Do you adore travelling?

Do you feel that your listening comprehension is weak? Do you want to learn more vocabulary? Do you need to improve the accuracy of your writing?

Tell us what you love and what you need, and we will help you sift through the huge variety of choices that internet offers.

Then it’s up to you! You’ll have to set aside some time and commit. A  quarter of an hour a day is usually enough.

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You can attend your chosen language course at your address or at our office.

Our main office is in Forlì in Via Dandolo 16/A.

We also have classrooms available in Cesena and Ravenna.

Alternatively, choose a Skype course.