Meet Beatrice Balducci!

Meet Beatrice Balducci!

My name is Beatrice and in 2000 I founded Action line, a translation agency based in Italy.

In 1999 I graduated in Specialized Translation from the University of Bologna.

In Action line, I first worked as a translator and an English teacher, then in 2007 I focused on running the business.

What I like most about my job is that it’s dynamic. Every day is different from the previous one: tackling my clients’ needs / concerns gives me a boost of energy. I always want to find the best solution and I strive to do my best.

You can find more details on my Linkedin Profile.

On a more personal note, I think my strength has always been empathy. I love working in a team, I am kind, frank and helpful.

I am very respectful of others’ time and opinions. I truly believe that we can learn from others.

In my free time I like cooking, dancing Argentinian tango, and learning Italian Sign Language.

Although I love travelling around the world, I think I would never leave my country and my family. However, if I had to move to a different place, I suppose it would be Ireland. I love Irish people and culture and I fell in love with their country when I first visited it back in 2018.

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